This exhibit presents 61 individual works of art by 19 artists who responded to an 'open call' for art that explores issues which the artists believe are being ignored or "inadequately addressed" by the White House and Congress.

The issues range from the homeless to the Koch brothers, gun control, the environment, legal fees so high that many Americans can't afford to obtain justice when they've been wronged to the wars we're fighting and the veterans we're mistreating or not treating when they return home.

Sunday, October 12 thru Sunday, November 30 Election Year 2014

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Charles Krause/Reporting Fine Art, located 10 blocks from the White House in Washington, DC shows exclusively "the art of social and political change"---political art that is unafraid to express a point of view about contemporary social and political issues and is therefore infrequently exhibited by museums and other private art galleries in the United States. We hope the slideshow (to the right) will provide artists, especially artists unfamiliar with the gallery, an idea of the kind of art, and issues, the gallery has shown and explored since it opened in December, 2011.

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