"Consummate printmaking"---WASH POST; Bissett exhibit extended thru July 15

Annie Bissett's delicate and beautifully carved woodblock prints belie the controversial social and political issues they explore---immigration, racism, gay rights, hypocrisy, prejudice and intolerance---and the strong messages they convey.

Yet there's nothing didactic or depressing about her art---nor any doubt about her talent. In fact, her prints are featured on the cover and inside the current issue of Printmaking Today, the prestigious journal of Britain's Royal Society of Painters and Print makers. And on June 2nd. The Washington Post's art critic, Mark Jenkins praised Annie's "consummate printmaking" in his review of the exhibit. :centuries of craft and heritage deepen her work,"Jenkins said. PAST/PRESENT/ NOW: watercolor woodblock prints by ANNIE BISSETT (May 12 to July 15 at CK/RFA).


What is "The Art of Social and Political Change?"

The Art of Social and Political Art is the name I've given to the genre of art that my gallery has shown exclusively since it opened in Washington almost five years ago. It is fine art that seeks to influence, or is influenced by, the great social and political issues of its time. What it most decidedly is NOT is propaganda art, the term which many American art historians and museum curators give to all political art---in order to dismiss it as unworthy of their further consideration or study > MORE _______________________________________________________ The Gallery is open Sat/SUN 1 pm to 6 pm/ Weekdays by Appointment

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