Payday Loans of 10,000 . Are there?

There are a number of payday loans in the market that give us $ 10,000 or more. It is an extra money that we can access to buy what we need and that with our monthly salary is not enough.

We obtain it through the signing of a contract with some of the financial entities, which advance us the money and allow us to: buy or change the car we have, make arrangements at home, buy appliances, take a trip, organize an event or big party, among others. Generally the destinations of this type of payday loans are free.

By signing the contract we are committed to repaying the money in a series of monthly installments that add interest to the amount.

Each financial institution or bank requires different requirements for those who wish to access their payday loans, they have different characteristics, interest rates, amounts and amount of installments available for their return,

We will see below some options that allow us to obtain a lower amount, equal to or greater than $ 10,000.

◈ The minimum amount that we can request is $ 1,000 and the maximum of $ 500,000

◈ The rates for its return go from 3 to 72 in pesos and with fixed rate

◈ There are 90 “free” days to pay the first installment

◈ The payday loan may be canceled partially or totally in case it is requested by the client.

◈ The annual nominal rate is 41%

Requirements to obtain these payday loans:

◇ Minimum income must be $ 8,500 for both singles and family groups

◇ 6 months old at work are necessary

◇ For those customers who own Black, Platinium, Infinity, Super 3 or 2 account, they have the payday loans ready to use when they wish.

In addition to some additional advantages such as:

◆ The payday loan money can be credited immediately through the Online Banking, the Santander application, from an ATM or by calling the line available for it.

◆ It is not necessary to present more information

◆ The first installment may be paid up to 90 days

◆ The minimum amount available is $ 1000 and the maximum $ 350,000

◆ The amount of installments is also between 3 and 72, in pesos and with a fixed rate.

◆ The annual nominal rate will also be 41%

The benefits it offers are:

◈ They can be obtained through Home Banking, ATMs or through Mobile . No other procedure is necessary and they have immediate approval

◈ Easy to take out payday loans and quick money to get

◈ The end of the payday loan is free


◆ Exclusive financing for those who currently receive their salaries through the Bank, have a prequalification to obtain a payday loan or are subject to credit

◆ The maximum amount is $ 100,000

◆ The maximum term for its refund 72 installments

◆ The amortization system used is French, ie monthly and consecutive payments

◆ Early cancellation is possible by paying 2% of the capital owed at that time


◇ It is necessary to present the debit card and that it is active

◇ Be prequalified

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